Event Day has made the difficult decision to cancel the 2014 Earthwise Kaimai Classic.  We share the disappointment that will be felt by those that are passionate about the event and have been training so hard for it. Full refunds will be made to all entrants next week and all entrants will be emailed confirming those details and payments.

The existing event format wasn’t viable, so we did months of homework, we consulted many, and launched a revamped format for the 2014 Earthwise Kaimai Classic.  This revamped format made the event much more accessible to the masses - no kayak was required on the short course option plus new trail run options were available at the stunning McLaren Falls Park. The feedback we received from the good folk of multisport was a thumbs up all round.

However, despite expanding the event format for wider participation and investing heavily in marketing the 2014 event, entry numbers have not meet even our minimum level milestones. If we were to continue staging the 2014 event a significant financial loss is the only outcome we can see.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our large family of sponsors, particularly our title sponsor Earthwise.  There is also a very long list of groups, individuals & other organisers in the Bay of Plenty who we have worked alongside to try and make this event one that could survive.  You know who you are and your efforts are very much appreciated.


The Kaimai Classic is not alone in its positioning. The times have changed, other types of events are now more exciting, are potentially less demanding gear wise, time wise, and these well-established multisport events are now simply less attractive.  Some examples below:

Motu Challenge   
205 entries in 2008 88 entries in 2013 DOWN 57%
Monty’s Revenge   
176 entries in 2009 84 entries in 2013 DOWN 52%
Kaimai Classic   
233 entries in 2009 114 entries in 2013 DOWN 51%
Lake Waikaremoana Challenge
Cancelled 2013 due to low entry numbers
Moehau Man    
Cancelled 2013 due to low entry numbers    

Of course it’s not all grim for multisport.  If you have read this far you must be interested in multisport so I’d like to plug a fantastic event in Waihi – the Nugget!  Mark Sampson of Waihi (one of the organisers) has to be one of the nicest guys in the world and I highly recommend that you give this awesome event a go this year.  The event date is Saturday 10 May so if you’ve been training for this year’s Earthwise Kaimai Classic…well the Nugget is just two weeks later. I hope the sun shines down on Waihi for this event and it is very well supported!  Check out www.thenugget.co.nz

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And with that, the Earthwise Kaimai Classic sadly says goodbye and bows out from the multisport calendar. We loved the event – we loved the different legs – we loved all the landowners – we love McLaren Falls Park – we LOVE the people that love the event.  Unfortunately the number who loved the event was just not enough.

Again many thanks to all who have given their time and support to discuss this awesome race with myself and past organisers. Take care and feel free to share your positive Kaimai Classic memories on our Facebook page to keep us sane & smiling. Cheers, Luke


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